I have been drawing and painting for as long as i can remember, and creating artwork has always been a driving force and passion in my life. Art for me is a way of living, and every day is an inspiration.

From an early age i've had a strong connection with nature, and i love to spend long periods of time wandering through autumn forests or following misty mountain ridges. Being outside in nature is a huge source of inspiration, and if you are patient and look with the right kind of eyes, there is so much to see - a philosophy that also reflects in my paintings.


My style has developed through many years of experience working in professional fine art studios - designing and producing artwork for hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces, public areas and private estates worldwide.

I am now an independent freelance artist, and enjoy spending some of my time teaching art classes and running mural-painting workshops throughout the UK & Europe. It has been said that my work frequently stops viewers in their tracks, as it so effectively captures the magic of the natural world that surrounds us.